Share your experience as a migrant worker in the municipality of Westland

Lexilu is taking stock of the situation, so that everyone can work fairly.

You can participate anonymously

Do you have your
insurance card?

Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands has to be insured.
Your insurance card is your proof of this.

Lexilu offers insight

Do you have enough
living space?

In the Netherlands, everyone is entitled to
a minimum of 10 square metres.

Lexilu offers insight

Lexilu offers migrant workers insights into their rights and obligations. This helps them to know when something is wrong in their working or living conditions and what they can do about it.

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Lexilu lets migrant workers have their say.
This creates a clear picture.

Lexilu connects its insights.
This is how we make trends visible.

Lexilu spreads its knowledge.
This way everyone knows what is going on and what actions are needed.

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